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    Simply present your gift card at the participating location.
  • 2
    Swipe at the eftpos terminal and select ‘SAVINGS’
  • 3
    Enter the four-digit pin on the back of card and you’re done

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Visit www.choicecard.gift , select your card type and click on Participating Retailers to see where you can use your card.

You can use your gift card Australia wide at any of the participating retailers associated with your card. More retailers are joining us every day!

Just use it like an eftpos Card!

  1. Simply present your card in store at any of the participating retailers and use it against any purchase.

  2. Swipe the card through the eftpos terminal. You select “SAVINGS,” enter the PIN on the back of your card and you’re done – just enjoy your purchase!

  3. You can check your balance and card expiry date anytime by clicking on the ‘Check Balance’ section on our website.

If the transaction amount exceeds the card’s balance, you will need to pay for the remaining amount on a different card or cash.

If you haven’t swapped your physical card for an eGift voucher you will need your physical card when shopping at our retailers. It swipes like an eftpos card so must be presented. Photos on your phone are not sufficient sorry.

If you have swapped the full amount on your physical card for an eGift voucher you do not need your card anymore.

eftpos: Yes, you sure can.

Online: You can pay for the outstanding amount using a different payment method subject to the policy of the individual merchant.

No! You can choose how and where you want to spend your card balance. Any remaining balance after your transaction will stay on your card as long as it’s valid for. This way you can enjoy your gift card more than once!

Don’t worry, your card is multi-usable, and you can just use it next time! Continue using it until the value of the card has been used up or the card expires. Individual retailers may have minimum eftpos transaction amounts.

Please check if your Gift Card has a sufficient balance to complete the swap. If the card’s balance is lower than the e-gift voucher amount, the swap will decline. If it has sufficient balance but still declining, then please contact us directly so we can assist.

You sure can! Let the recipient of your gift decide what they want to buy!

You can use your gift card towards any purchase at our participating retailers.

There are no restrictions on when you can use your card. The Choice Gift Card are accepted anytime at our participating retailers.

No. The Choice Gift Card cannot be reloaded.
The amount will remain on the card for next time you choose to use it.

No. But The Choice Gift Card can be used until the balance reaches a nil value. Minimum transaction amounts may apply.

Yes they do, but you have heaps of time to use them. Your card is valid for thirty-six months (36 months) from the date of purchase. If the date is not written on the back of the card it is your responsibility to check your card balance and expiry date on the website.

Check here to check your card balance and expiry date.

No. You can only use the card for purchases at our participating retailers.

No. You can only use the card for purchases at our participating retailers.

There are no fees or costs on your card. They are sold for the face value amount and accepted by our participating retailers up to the value on the card.

A Choice gift card is the perfect gift for Christmas – Secret Santa or Kris Kringle, Stocking Fillers, Birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Employee Incentives and Rewards, Anniversaries or Corporate Gifts, It even makes a great “Thank you” for feeding the dog or looking after the kids!

We’ve made it easy for you – you can find the Choice Gift Card at Coles stores across Australia! Look for the big gift card stand in store.

No. The Choice gift card is only for sale in Coles.

You can buy The Choice Gift Card in denominations from $30 to $200 in store.

They sure do, our cards are national and provide heaps of choice for the recipient and giver. That’s the beauty of The Choice Gift Card range - you can let your friends and family go to the merchant of their choice and use the Card their way!

Contact us here and we’ll have a member of our team get in touch with you.

The Choice Gift Card should be treated like cash and kept in a secure place. We unfortunately cannot replace a lost, stolen, or damaged unregistered card under any circumstances. Please ensure you register your card here.

If you lose or misplace your card and there are still available funds on the card at the time you notify us, we’ll cancel your card and send you a replacement card for that amount. Please see our Terms and Conditions for further details.

Sorry to hear that. Check out the following reasons your card may not be working:

  1. The balance you have nominated is not available. You can check your card balance here.

  2. Your gift card has expired. Gift cards have a 36 month expiry, which can be calculated 36 months from the date of issue, and/when you check your balance.

  3. The retailer you have tried to use your gift card at is not a participating retailer. You can view participating retailers by clicking on your Card Type on our website and clicking on the Participating Retailers link.

Should your card not work but it has funds, isn’t expired, and you are at a participating retailer please contact us here or call 1300 375 346.

Our gift cards are available for purchase from specific retail outlets. We cannot guarantee the validity of any gift card you purchase from any other outlet - including any auction website or discount website who is not listed as one of our retail outlets. Any gift card not purchased from a certified seller may be fake or counterfeit or associated with fraudulent activity. TCN will not be liable to you or any other person for any loss arising from any purchase of our gift cards from an outlet who is not listed as a participating seller.

If you have a retailer or brand that is not with TCN, tell them about us! Retailers can easily make an enquiry on our website and get signed up with us.